About Boston Green Property Management

Boston Green was co-founded by industry veterans Suzanne Joy and Leland DiMeco. After nearly two decades spent helping clients buy and manage investment properties throughout the greater Boston area, Leland and Suzanne continue to fill a need in Boston property management that had long been overlooked. They see that, while most Boston property managers are content to collect rent, coordinate repairs and pay the bills, none are focused on owners’ bigger aspirations: a better way to maximize returns with more savvy and less effort. Suzanne and Leland know they can use emerging technology to streamline the process, while putting their know-how to work elevating it, with greater peace of mind and ROI for their clients. In other words, the ideal investment. With that, our Ethos of property management was born.

Suzanne Joy & Leland DiMeco are also the co-founders of Boston Green Realty, established in 2003. They have been featured on WBCV News, as well as The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Business Journal, New England Condo Magazine, RealtyTrac REO News, Real Estate Talk Radio, and more.

Our Ethos

[ ee-thos, ee-thohs, eth-os, -ohs ]

The fundamental ideals and morals that drive an organization to create positive change for their customers, community and beyond.

Suzanne DiMeco
Suzanne DiMecoOwner
Spencer Gray
Spencer GrayMaintenance Manager
Leland DiMeco
Leland DiMecoOwner
Daniel Benfeito
Daniel BenfeitoSales/Rental Agent
Brian Butler
Brian ButlerGeneral Contractor & Passive House Expert
Kenny G.
Kenny G.Handyman
Mike Sartell
Mike SartellPlumbing & Heating Tech
Garvens Florus
Garvens FlorusJanitorial/Trash Services

Why Boston Green?

Your success is our success. We call that a win-win.

We strive to create our own Ethos in our communities which defines success differently than other Boston property management companies. Rather than focus on our own bottom line, we choose instead to believe that the more wildly successful our property owners are, the more successful we’ll be as well. To that end, we do everything in our power to ensure our owners make smart decisions at every step of the process. This holistic, big-picture approach informs everything from helping our clients identify the best properties in greater Boston to invest in and the smartest way to maintain them, to choosing and keeping the best tenants and rents, to recognizing the long-term value of eco-friendly choices and upgrades. The result is something greater than high-performance properties with a maximum return on investment and minimum of stress, although those are a big part of our ethos, too. The best part is the privilege of watching lifelong clients grow property portfolios that exceed their most ambitions expectations.

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