Here at Boston Green Property Management, we’ve helped buy and manage investment properties in the Greater Boston area for nearly two decades. Co-founders Suzanne Joy and Leland DiMeco know the Greater Boston real estate market so well that they know exactly what you need.

While other property management companies focus on important tasks like rent collection and property repairs, most didn’t also focus on a property owner’s bigger goal: how to maximize income while minimizing the work needed to manage a rental property. With the help of emerging technology, Suzanne and Leland streamline the process, using their own expertise to minimize stress for their clients while increasing ROI.

We Proudly Serve the Following Areas


Sitting on the Mystic River northwest of downtown Boston sits the city of Medford. With a rich and diverse history, Medford is home to all kinds of residents. With Tufts University within city borders and a strong educational system, Medford is a wonderful place for everyone from growing families to students. Once home to American icons like Amelia Earhart and Joe Coleman, it’s a city with a variety of options and opportunities that anyone can take advantage of.


As a historic waterfront neighbourhood, Charlestown is actually the oldest neighborhood in Boston. Best known as the home of sections of the Freedom Trail, the Bunker Hill Monument and the USS Constitution, if there’s one thing Charlestown doesn’t lack, it’s history. With a perfect blend of historic building and lush, ultra-modern homes, every resident is guaranteed to find a home that suits them perfectly in Charlestown.

Beacon Hill

With many steep streets of Victorian-style houses set aglow with antique lanterns, Beacon Hill is easily one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Boston. Home to the gold-domed Massachusetts State House, Beacon Hill has many antique shops and small, fashionable boutiques to shop from. Cobblestone streets, elegant houses, and the gas street lamps give Beacon Hill an old-time atmosphere everyone can enjoy.

South Boston

Often called “Southie” by locals, South Boston is an ever-evolving residential neighborhood. With everything from taverns and retro diners to traditional pizzerias and gastropubs, South Boston has something for everyone to enjoy. Breathtaking Boston harbour views and a dazzling skyline can be seen from the Dorchester Heights monument in the heart of Southern Boston. For those that want more scenery in their day-to-day, there are also a number of waterfront trails that will take your breath away.


Though its proximity to both Boston and Cambridge already makes it a great spot, Somerville has its own unique city charm that attracts a diverse range of residents. Home to the same rich history as the rest of Massachusetts, Somerville has a wonderful mix of the urban and suburban that’s impossible not to love. Once voted the best-run city in all of Massachusetts, Somerville never disappoints!

Back Bay

The Boston neighborhood of Back Bay has its streets lined with the same elegant historic-style houses that one expects from the city. With beautiful designer boutiques, quaint patio cafes, and art galleries on every block, Back Bay is always buzzing with shopping and dining enthusiasts. As one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Boston, it’s hard not to fall in love with Back Bay.

South End

Bordered by Back Bay, Chinatown and Roxbury, South End is a beautiful and culturally-rich neighborhood in Boston. Restored Victorian row houses line the streets and the dining scene sapns from family-friendly restaurants to pubs, making sure there’s room for anyone and any mood! Sunday markets help the community connect with local artisans, farmers and food trucks, making South End a lovely and rich community to be a part of.

North End

Also known as Boston’s own Little Italy, the neighborhood of North End is home to some of the oldest buildings in the city. Made up of a maze of narrow streets, wandering through the neighborhood will take you everywhere from small, family-owned Italian restaurants, old-school deli shops, and historical sites like the Old North Church. Even as Boston’s oldest residential community, North End is as lively as ever.

Fort Hill

Fort Hill is a small neighborhood and the historic district of Roxbury. Residents have made the famous Highland Park one of the most popular areas in all of Boston! When you walk along Fort Hill, you’ll be walking on the very same ground that played a vital role in the Siege of Boston, almost as if you’re part of history, yourself! Now home to a diverse community and affordable housing, Fort Hill is a wonderful part of Boston to live in and explore.

Savin Hill

Savin Hill is a beautiful beach neighborhood and has long been one of the most highly sought-after places to live in Boston. With so many historic houses lining its streets, every turn will provide new scenery. So many places in Savin Hill also have their own view of the beaches, making every look out your Savin Hill window feel like a vacation.


Right across the Charles River that separates it from Boston stands Cambridge, a lovely city and home the famous Harvard University. Among some of the world’s greatest cities, Cambridge is revered for its unique art and culture among other things. Home to a diverse community and with avenues for every interest explored, everyone will find somewhere to fit in when they’re in Cambridge, making it a perfect place for anyone to live, from singles to large families.