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South Boston property management company

Do you want to hire a property management firm in South Boston, MA? If yes, then reach out to Boston Green Property Management!

Our headquarters is located in South Boston, Massachusetts and we deliver excellent property management services around the Greater Boston area. Our property manager’s primary focus is on delivering positive changes to our clients’ property investments by maximizing their ROI. 

Whether you need someone to manage the property’s maintenance, screen tenants, market a vacant South Boston rental or oversee a renovation project, we’re delighted to serve with dedication.

At Boston Green Property Management, we have always remained true to our mission to help property owners maximize their financial returns while performing quality landlord duties. With reliable technology, our expertise in property management has led to creating efficient systems that make the management operation of your rental home go smoothly.

Our professional team has a wealth of skills and strategies that will minimize your stress and provide you with peace of mind. We sustain the value of your investment property with our strong commitment and drive for outstanding property management.

Don’t hesitate to contact Boston Green Property Management today at (617) 262 3075. We’re open to designing a property management plan that fits the unique needs of your Southie rental home. 

Property managers in South Boston

Our South Boston Property Management Services 

On behalf of busy property owners, we find efficient methods of collecting the rent on time, screening tenants, and reducing property vacancies. We ensure that your rental properties are always well maintained and that your tenants are taken care of. We also perform preventive maintenance and respond promptly to property emergencies. 

Here are some of the beneficial property management services you’ll enjoy as a client:

1. Effective Marketing of Your Rental Property

It requires a lot of time and effort to market your South Boston rental home. Simply posting an ad online will not be enough. You need to know your target demographics and what property features attract them. Constant monitoring and updating of your posted list are also required to know how effective your rental advertisement is.

At Boston Green Property Management we have earned our stripes in the property management industry. We have varied techniques in crafting the right ads. We use our long-term network, traditional marketing approach, and online methods to capture a wide range of tenant leads.

Our goal is to reduce vacancies and land qualified tenants quickly so that you can start earning passive rental income. 

2. Careful and Thorough Tenant Screenings

The wrong tenant can result in faster normal wear and tear and excessive damage to your property. What’s more, frequent tenant turnover can be stressful and costly.

screening tenants before renting

Our property management company protects your income by welcoming responsible renters that pay the rent on the due date. Long-term tenant retention is our goal and we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of a potential renter’s employment and income status, rental history, and eviction record. We also check for criminal history and former landlords are contacted to learn more about the temperament of the applicants.

By using a detailed tenant screening process, we’re able to increase the chances of landing a qualified, long-term tenant.

3. Prompt Rent Collection

Rent collection affords property owners consistent passive income. Often, self-managing landlords complain of the stress and hassle of chasing after tenants who pay late or skip a monthly rental payment. 

To resolve this issue, Boston Green Property Management leans on technology. We accept payment online for easy tracking. Leasing policies are also followed in strict form. During the lease signing, we take care to inform the tenants of the repercussions of not paying the rent on time. 

If the situation calls for it, we can represent property owners during the eviction process. We send them the notices when the grace period for rental payment has lapsed.

4. Attentive Property Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining your rental property requires consistency. Just because a leak has been repaired, doesn’t mean that your unit will be the same as the issue in the future. Boston Green Property Management is proactive in initiating regular property inspections.

Maintaining rental properties

To keep your tenants happy, it’s essential that you keep your property habitable. When handling repairs, we have our dependable 24-hour emergency services at the ready. We also get in touch with a network of contractors we’ve collaborated with for repairs over the years. 

We also make sure that you and your tenants are always in the loop. Tenants can expect feedback and status reports of the ongoing repairs. 

5. Detailed Financial Record-Keeping

Boston Green Property Management releases financial statements and reports to our clients. Using the Owner’s portal, one can access accurate financial information to monitor your rental’s performance. This allows you to always be in the know of your property’s financial performance!

About South Boston, Massachusetts

South Boston also known as Southie is a neighborhood in Boston that features classic diners, taverns, and pubs, Southie has performed revitalizations over the years and has been increasingly popular among young professionals. South Boston is composed of several smaller neighborhoods.

Residents enjoy staying in Southie for its charming culture, lively markets, fun entertainment, and expansive waterfront. The community is welcoming and remains attractive thanks to its beaches, interesting attractions, and fantastic specialty shops. As a historic district, it also offers wonderful amenities such as diverse cuisine and a vibrant art scene.

Here are interesting places to see in and around Southie, Massachusetts:

  • Castle Island
  • Fort Point
  • Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
  • Murphy Memorial Skating Rink
  • South Boston Bark Park
  • South Boston Maritime Park

(Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve 

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We also happily serve in the following areas in Greater Boston: Andover, Amesbury, Arlington, Brookline, Cambridge, Middleton, Medford, North Andover, Newton, North Reading, Reading, Somerville, Watertown, Woburn.