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Are you considering working with a professional management company? The team at Boston Green Property Management would be happy to help!

At Boston Green Property Management, our company’s reputation is synonymous with quality services that make your rental property business a success. For nearly 20 years, we have worked with our clients to find management solutions that help them to maximize their ROI. We believe in going beyond the normal services such as rent collection, property repairs, and paying the bills. Our professional team listens to the clients’ aspirations and what they would like to achieve and guide them through their property investment journey.

The fundamental principle in our operations is to help you attain your definition of success. When our clients win, so do we. Our main goal is to handle all the aspects of managing your property, so you won’t have to deal with any worry or stress. Through our approach to property management services, we have seen many of our clients increase their income and grow their portfolios. The use of innovation and emerging technologies has helped us to streamline our operations and improve the efficiency of our service delivery.

We can help you achieve your property’s best potential. Reach out to us today for all-inclusive property management services throughout Boston. 

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Our Range of Fort Hill Property Management Services

At Boston Green Property Management, we have a team of experts that cater to all the aspects involved in the management of your property. The services we provide aim to make property ownership much easier so you can relax and enjoy your passive income. Some of the services we provide include:

Effective Property Marketing

The main goal of our property marketing techniques is to reach as many prospective tenants as possible. To do this, we present your property in its best state and highlight its most attractive features. This strategy captures the attention of our target audience and leaves them with a lasting impression. 

We also use multiple resources in our marketing campaign to access a greater audience. Our professional team makes creative listings with engaging descriptions that help them picture what it’s like to move into your property. Our marketing strategies are tailored to minimize the amount of time your property remains vacant. Low vacancy rates are pivotal towards achieving the best possible returns on your investment.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening

To find tenants that pay their rent on time and take care of the property, an extensive tenant screening process is necessary. Screening can highlight any red flags with the prospects and helps to identify the responsible tenants that will keep your investment profitable for years to come.

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Our tenant screening process collects all the relevant information from the candidates and determines whether they are a good fit for your property. Some of the information we collect includes the person’s rental and employment history as well as credit score, relevant criminal history, and various background checks.

At Boston Green Property Management, we mitigate the risk of loss of income by investing plenty of time and resources in our screening process. We also ensure that this process remains compliant with the Fair Housing Laws.

Rent Collection

Following up with tenants every month for rental payments can be a stressful and time-consuming affair. At Boston Green Property Management, we have implemented efficient rent collection systems that provide convenience to both landlords and tenants. Our professionals are proactive in following up with each tenant’s rental payments. If a tenant fails to pay their rent, we will take the necessary action to recover the funds. We are committed to growing your investment and helping you make the best possible returns.

Detailed Financial Reports

We provide you with detailed financial records to help you understand more about the performance of your rental property. These records will enable you to keep track of your property’s income and expenditure. Like any other business, real property investment can be fine-tuned to help you maximize your returns. By providing comprehensive financial records, property owners are able to make informed decisions on how to increase their profitability.

Financial reporting services

Access to financial records is also vital for taxation purposes. When the tax season is around the corner, these records come in handy so you can file your returns appropriately and remain tax compliant.

Property Inspections and Maintenance

Routine inspections help to catch small issues that might lead to costly repairs down the road. Our professionals stay on top of any issues that may be revealed and rectify them before they become a major problem.

Property inspections also let us know if the tenant is honoring the terms of the lease agreement. If they’re not, we are able to step in on your behalf and solve the issue. You can rest assured that we have your best interests in mind. What’s more, when tenants make a request for emergency maintenance, we immediately dispatch qualified technicians to rectify the problem. At Boston Green Property Management, we vet the local businesses we work with to ensure your property receives the best care.

About Fort Hill, MA

Fort Hill is a neighborhood located in the historical district of Roxbury in Boston, MA. This neighborhood is rich in history and it is one of the stand out places in Boston.

The neighborhood has several transport systems which include MBTA’s bus and rail services, roadways, and public bicycle trails making it easy to get around. There are also plenty of great schools in Fort Hill that are part of the Boston Public School system. 

(Source: Wikipedia) 

Areas We Serve

We are proud to serve the following neighborhoods of Boston: Seaport Boston, South Boston, North End Boston, Savin Hill, South End Boston, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, The Fenway, Charlestown, Dorchester, Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Allston/Brighton.

We also serve the follow areas in the Great Boston area: Somerville, Cambridge, Newton, Brookline, Medford, Reading, North Reading, Andover.