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Are you looking to hire a property manager in North End, Boston? If you are then you’ve landed on the right page!

At Boston Green Property Management we offer a full range of property management services to rental property owners in several Boston neighborhoods and the Greater Boston area. We’re driven to make a positive impact on our client’s businesses. Our focus is on helping them attain success and maximize the returns from their real estate investments. 

We offer customized services to meet the unique requirements of your property. With Boston Green Property Management’s professional experience in the industry and efficient technological systems, acquiring long-term tenants in your North End rental home is achieved easily. This leads to consistent rental income helping you grow your rental portfolio.

From advertising your North End rental property to maintaining the property to its desired state, our property managers guarantee full dedication. We start with discussing the needs of your North End rentals and then proceed with a property walkthrough to evaluate opportunities for improvement. Lastly, we create a contract that details our management approach and responds to your unit’s needs.

Reduce your stress and partner with a top-notch property management company. We assure you that your North End rental property will be properly taken care of. Call us today at (617) 262 3075. You may also get in touch with us through email at We’re open to your inquiries and offer a free rent analysis!

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Our North End Property Management Services 

Having us on your team means gaining access to extensive services such as strategic advertising for your vacant North End rental. We’re also focused on handling maintenance concerns to keep your rental looking attractive and rent collection, tenant screening, and financial reporting are part of our hassle-free services.

Here are the specific benefits our clients enjoy when they hire us:

Effective Marketing of Your Rental Property

Owning your North End rental home will only be profitable if you find the right occupants. Marketing should not be performed in a haphazard manner. It should be undertaken by a professional team such as Boston Green Property Management which has skilled advertising techniques.

We market online, offline and also use our network to land great renters in a short time. Your property will be examined thoroughly to find suitable demographics who are more likely to rent long-term. We spare no time and effort creating listings, advertising on popular sites and platforms, and increasing your North End rental property exposure.

Careful Tenant Screening Process

With a dependable tenant in your North End rental unit, much of the stress of property management is gone. Screening tenants must follow a detailed procedure though. If you’re a self-managing landlord, it can take a lot of time and effort to accomplish this.

tenant screening services

Boston Green Property Management is focused on accepting tenants that match the uniform criteria. Renters who can follow the leasing agreement, pay promptly, perform their duties well and take care of the rental are what we want. 

We assess a prospective tenant based on credit score, rental history, tenant background, employment, and relevant criminal record. Rest assured that Boston Green Property Management conducts this while observing all the terms of the Fair Housing Act.

Prompt Rent Collection

Rent payment must be paid on time for your North End rental home to maximize its ROI. Our property managers have established efficient rent collection systems to assure property owners get their rental income on time, every time. 

We detail the rent payment policies in the leasing agreement and use convenient payment channels. If rent comes in late, we inform renters through notices and discuss the situation.

With our property management company by your side, you won’t have to worry about chasing down rent again!

Attentive Property Repairs & Maintenance

On your own, maintaining your North End rental home can be heavy. You need to perform routine property inspections to spot signs of property issues. Then you need to coordinate repairs and manage tenants’ maintenance requests as well. Further, finding excellent contractors at a cost-effective rate will also be a challenge.

Maintenance and repairs in Boston

Engaging Boston Green Property Management’s services means that your unit will be continually assessed. Thus, its value will be protected, even increased, over the years. We also handle property emergencies and find effective resolutions for tenant complaints and concerns. Best of all, we have a solid network of dependable contractors to fix all types of property issues.

Detailed Financial Reporting

As our client, you’ll have access to accurate financial reports that will be indispensable to your rental business in North End. This is easily available for your evaluation anytime you need it through the Owner’s portal online. 

About North End, Boston

North End is known as one of the oldest residential communities in Boston. This neighborhood is small, measuring only up to 0.36 square miles. Still, it’s highly appealing with its host of tourist attractions. It’s bordered by Boston Harbor and Mystic Rivers. Its biggest and central feature is Copp’s Hill.

Residents appreciate living in North End for its wealth of history and convenient amenities. Even with its small scale size, North End is packed with several local attractions, restaurants, shops, and historic sites. It’s a great base for exploration given its walkability and proximity to train stations. Locals also enjoy the waterfront views afforded to them.

Here are the interesting places to visit in and around North End, Boston:

  • Freedom Trail
  • Boston Public Market
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Museum of Science
  • Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
  • Langone Park

(Source: Wikipedia)

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