A great marketing and advertising campaign can lead to a shorter vacancy period. It also captures the attention of more high-quality renters which can lead to steady returns for your property. Even if you have one of the most amazing rental spaces, if few people are aware of it then it will not amount to an increase in real estate investment returns.

You may want to know the importance of marketing your rental unit effectively. With excellent advertising, you can gain a vast pool of prospects. You can then end up with high-caliber tenants. They are the ones who pay the rent promptly and keep your rental in a good shape. This leads to a steady income for you since there’s no need to file for evictions or fix massive damages around the property.

The best renters also reduce stress so outstanding advertising can result in discovering highly qualified tenants for your unit.

Here are some tips you can follow for effective advertising:


1. Invest in Photography

Well-taken pictures are appreciated, which is why rental property listings that attach images tend to capture more views compared to those that don’t have any. Knowing this, you should put in considerable effort when photographing your property. If prospects are looking at images, it’s important to post pictures that can move them to inquire or schedule a property showing.


property photos


  • Photography Staging and Preparation

First, you must start by tidying up the rental place and removing clutter. All items should be carefully considered before they appear in a photograph. Everything must appear neat and clean.


  • Photography Lighting

To ensure that your photos are bright, schedule a daytime photo shoot. Natural light leads to better pictures and eliminates dark shadows. If the day isn’t sunny enough, switch on the interior lights to add more bright lighting.​​ This makes an impact on the resulting pictures.


  • Photography Angles

The next focus should be the angles of your shots. You can position yourself at a corner to ensure you get a wide vantage of the property. Mind the height when taking a shot and opt to photograph two walls instead of three. Make your photos look natural so potential tenants will have a clear idea of what to expect. Arm yourself with a list to organize your photo shoot session.


Photography List

  • All bedrooms on your property
  • All bathrooms on your property
  • Pictures of the kitchen and appliances from several angles
  • Dining areas
  • Living room and family room areas
  • Exterior parts of the property such as the yard and garage

Use cameras that can deliver high-resolution images.


2. Create a First-Rate Copy

Once beautiful photographs are available, it’s time to present suitable descriptions that can engage and encourage interest from the reader through the copy. The copy helps make a cohesive story. It’s divided into two segments; the headline and the description or the summary.


property advertisement


  • Headline Formula

You must create an exceptional headline since this is where viewers tend to focus first when looking at a property listing. If your headline is great, they’re encouraged to read further. The following formula is a good way to write a rental property ad: 

Rent Price + Number of Bedrooms + Number of Bathrooms + Type of Property + Location + Great Selling Point

Though the formula appears long, it provides the complete information that readers need. A lot of potential renters will want to learn the rent price, location, and property size.


  • Summary Description

Once the headline is completed, it’s time to write the summary. The summary description of a listing is where the owner can connect the headline to the photos. This makes prospective renters imagine if a rental unit is right for them. It’s also where the unit’s amenities and best features are mentioned in detail. Use the right descriptors to talk about the neighborhood. 

State if you have pet restrictions, whether utilities are included, if your property is accessible to public transportation or has a designated parking area. This saves you plenty of time rather than entertaining prospects who expect a lot of features that you don’t have. It’s best to be clear and provide as much vital information that tenants find relevant.


2. Decide on Ad Distribution

Even if you have stellar photos and a well-crafted property copy, you still need to increase the ad exposure so many people will be aware of it. Look for popular sites where prospective renters are likely to browse to find vacant rentals.


online property management


Even if online marketing is the frequent way to advertise nowadays, some potential tenants still prefer offline marketing. You can install professional yard signs so passersby can spot them while they’re taking a leisurely walk or driving around the area. Think about the different demographics you’re targeting. You can post your ads on a bulletin board near the church or at a grocery store to score more viewership.

Most property management companies syndicate ads at multiple sites. Even if the ad is released, it’s recommended to keep track of it and update it from time to time. You can also boost your ads to gain more views. This can set your ads apart from others especially when there is strong competition.


Bottom Line

Simply having a wonderful rental home will not earn you consistent income or top-quality renters. You need to have a great rental advertisement. Then, it’s time to distribute the ads in various places where plenty of views can be earned. 


If you need assistance with marketing a vacant rental home, contact Boston Green Property Management today at (617) 262 3075. We’re a trusted property management company helping out rental owners since 2003.